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  • Dianne McKinnon

The two-fold process that brings us to begin the journey to our own Liberation

In last week's meeting of Geshe Jinpa Sonam's Sunday teaching series, he explained the two-fold process that brings us to begin the journey to our own Liberation. He referred to His Holiness the Dalai Lama's recent online Teachings that also underscored these very two points, which are :

To eradicate the afflictive emotions and negative mental states; and to cultivate the positive mental energies of love and caring for others–the mind of altruism and Bodhicitta.

Geshela said that as soon as we begin this process we have stepped up to the threshold and are crossing into what will 100% unfold into our own liberation – in this life or in a future life.

The quote I have included here is one that Geshela (and His Holiness as well ) cited in this last week to pinpoint how to identify an "afflictive emotion." Geshe la (with his characteristic laugh) said that we were all probably pretty aware and familiar... as being in their grips is often part of our experiences. I hope you find this beneficial. Dianne

Geshela will continue the teaching series tomorrow, June 14th, at 3:15. The Zoom link can be accesses through:

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