• Dianne McKinnon

How much "house" is in the house, "tree" in the tree...?

From the Root Verses of the Tenets

This realization that phenomena and our concepts possess no reality from their own side - that labels and designations are imputed upon them nominally- is Madhyamaka; complete freedom from extremes.

གྲུབ་མཐའ་རྩ་བ་ལས། །རང་ངོས་མེད་དང་མིང་རྟོག་ཕར་བཏགས་འདིར། །བྱ་བྱེད་ཀུན་འཇོག་མཐའ་བྲལ་དབུ་མ་སྟེ།


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