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Liberation is the exhaustion of karma and the afflictions ...

Hi Everyone!

In last Sunday’s teaching Geshela underscored the importance of a certain verse composed by Nagarjuna. He suggested that it would be good for everyone to study these four line’s well, know them by heart and understand their meaning. In particular he noted that here where it says ‘karma’ it is in particular the karma collected with whatever one does, thinks or says while under the influence of regarding appearances to have any substantial reality - real truth in their existence. Geshela went on to say that appearances are deceptive, and we must look further into their true mode of abiding. We must examine this again and again.

Here is my translation of that verse.


Liberation is the exhaustion of karma and the afflictions.

The perpetuation of proliferating elaborations

Coming from karma, the afflictions and mental concepts,

Ceases by the realization of Emptiness.


རང་ཉིད་གཅེས་འཛིན་རྒུད་པ་ཀུན་གྱི་སྒོ། མ་རྣམས་གཅེས་འཛིན་ཡོན་ཏན་ཀུན་གྱི་གཞི། དེ་ཕྱིར་བདག་གཞན་བརྗེ་བའི་རྣལ་འབྱོར་ལ། ཉམས་ལེན་སྙིང་པོར་བྱེད་པར་བྱིན་གྱིས་རློབས།

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