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  • Dianne McKinnon

A verse on aspiring to practice the exchange of self for others

Since cherishing ourselves is the doorway to all torment, while cherishing our mothers is the foundation of all that is good, we seek your blessings to make our core practice the yoga of exchange of self for others. (vs 94- Guru Puja) ~Panchen Lozang Chukyi Gyaltsen~ First Panchen Lama In last week's teachings, Geshe Jinpa Sonam taught that there are things that we can do to loosen the stubborn grip of our self-grasping and move to a more expansive and accepting mental attitude that will be of great benefit to ourselves and others. We must work against the tides of our usual tendencies to always put ourselves first, and rather seek to make others our main concern. He cited a particular verse in the Lama Chöpa (Guru Puja) text that speaks to a verse of aspiration that focuses precisely on this training and advised that it would be a very good verse to learn and recite for one's practice.



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