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Weekly Teachings and Events

The Indiana Buddhist Center offers several regular weekly teachings and events. These along with all other events can be seen on the IBC Schedule. All weekly events are open to the public. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend. We do recommend that you check the IBC Schedule before driving in, in case a teaching or event is cancelled.

Please do not attend if you are ill or have symptoms of a respiratory infection or Covid. 


If it will be your first visit to IBC, check out the First Time Visitors page for some info about what to expect and some helpful tips.


There is no charge to attend any of the weekly teachings, but donations and your generosity are appreciated to help support the Center.



In a typical week, we offer:


Dharma Teachings
Sundays  3:15 - 5:15 PM


Taught by Geshe Jinpa Sonam

Occasionally taught by a senior student or guest teachers.


Geshe la gives his weekly Dharma teaching. There may be a class or series of classes on a certain topic or text. Occasionally, a Question and Answer session is offered. Formal teachings are given in Tibetan and repeated by a translator in English. Check the calendar or the IBC Newsletter to see the topic for each teaching.


We are often asked if it is best to wait to attend until a new series of classes begins. A series can run for months or even years at a time, so in general we recommend that you jump in when you can. It can be more challenging to understand a teaching if you haven't attended a series from the beginning, but you may be better served to start in the middle as opposed to not attending at all. In any case, we encourage you to attend.



Chanting and Prayers - suspended 


Wednesdays  6:30 - 7:30 PM


Led by Geshe Jinpa Sonam

or a senior student


Geshe la leads as prayers from the IBC prayer book are chanted in Tibetan (with English phonetics provided) and English. Becoming familiar with the chants of peace, compassion and kindness help us to expand these qualities in ourselves. Practicing Buddhists are encouraged to participate. Everyone is welcome, however first-time visitors to IBC may feel more comfortable attending one of the other weekly events first which provide more opportunity for discussion and questions.



Dharma Teaching and Contemplation
First Saturday of the month  10 am- 3 pm


Led by Doug Stout or other senior student


Each week, a Dharma topic selected from the Lamrim (stages of the path) or other teaching is presented and discussed, followed by a period of silent analytical meditation (contemplation). These teachings and analytical meditations help us to train our minds by working to reduce harmful thoughts and emotions and generate and increase positive mental states. The sessions are suitable for beginners as well as intermediate and more advanced practitioners. Each person may find meaning and insight according to his or her level of understanding. As the teachings are meditated upon repeatedly, our comprehension and experience of them can transform and deepen.

Even if you have never meditated before, you are most welcome and encouraged to attend. For beginning and less experienced meditators, instruction is given. Everyone is welcome.



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