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Seven Limb Arya Tara Practice
Geshe Jinpa Sonam


Taught in Tibetan, translated into English by Dianne McKinnon

In this three part series, Geshe la teaches the Seven Limb (or seven branch) Arya Tara practice. In our Dharma practice, we want to sow positive seeds in our minds. This practice provides a gradual process of purification of karma and generation of merit that enables us to prepare our mind and request inspiration at the beginning, to progress along the path in the middle, and to complete all the aspects of the path to enlightenment in the most beneficial way at the end. It can be one’s main daily practice or a preliminary practice, and is encouraged by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Tara can be understood on many different levels. First, she is a historical figure, a person who generated bodhicitta - the altruistic intention to attain full enlightenment in order to benefit all living beings most effectively - and then actualized that intention by becoming a Buddha. Second, she is a manifestation of awakened qualities, and third, she is our Buddha potential in its future, fully purified and evolved form. A meditator may alternate between these understandings, using them as needed to cultivate his or her good qualities.

A copy of the Prayers is available for download along with the recordings.

Due to social distancing required during the Coronavirus pandemic, the teachings were given by web conference.

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