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Mind Training Like the Rays of the Sun
Geshe Jinpa Sonam


Taught in Tibetan, translated into English by Tenzin Namgyal (Tenam)

Geshe Jinpa Sonam taught this series of teachings on the text Mind Training Like the Rays of the Sun.

Mind training teachings are concerned with developing the awakening mind, the altruistic mind of enlightenment. They deal essentially with transforming our mental attitudes.

One special feature of the mind training teachings is the advice to transform adversity into advantage. So, not only do these instructions help us open out towards other beings. but they also help us transform whatever difficulties come our way into something valuable.

The Mind Training Like the Rays of the Sun exemplifies Tsong-khapa’s presentation of seven point mind training mind training.

Recommended reference text: Mind Training Like the Rays of the Sun by Nam-Kha Pel, translated by Brian Beresford.

Several sessions at the beginning were not recorded due to technical difficulties.

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