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Taught by:

Geshe Jinpa Sonam and Geshe Stenzin Mejay


Clicking here will link to Google Drive, where the recordings (and materials, if any) are available for download

In this series of classes Geshe Jinpa Sonam and Geshe Stenzin Mejay present the nature of mind, consciousness and awareness. This important set of teachings will include a study of the divisions of minds and consciousnesses and their many functions. When we have a better understanding of our mind, we are better able to actively reduce negative and harmful emotions and mental states, and cultivate positive ones.

There are reading assignments from two books during the series: 'Mind in Tibetan Buddhism' by Lati Rinpoche and Elizabeth Napper, and Buddhist Psychology by Geshe Tashi Tsering. While the teachings are not based on these books, they are aids in understanding what is presented.

Class Materials: Geshe Stenzin Mezay prepared study aid documents. Click here to see a list of the documents. From the list, you can read and download them.
Click the Audio button below to display a list of recordings in MP3 audio format. The recordings can be downloaded and played on any device that supports this format.

The name of each recording is the date of the class in YYMMDD format. For each date, there are two recordings. Each of the two have exactly the same teaching content. The audio file that ends in "A" is a lower quality audio file, but is a little smaller file. The one that ends in "B" is a higher quality audio file, and is a little larger. Use the "B" version if you have a good internet connection.

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