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  • Dianne McKinnon

Two Levels of Reality in the Vaibashika Philosophical View

According to the Vaibashaka philosophical view, the two truths can be understood as is expressed in this quote from the Treasury of Abhidharma and cited by Geshe Jinpa Sonam:

Things which, when physically destroyed or mentally dissected, Can no longer be identified by the mind, Such as pots or water, are relative; All else besides is ultimately existent.

མཛོད་ལས། །གང་ལ་བཅོམ་དང་བློ་ཡིས་གཞན། །བསལ་ན་དེ་བློ་མི་འཇུག་པ།

།བུམ་ཆུ་བཞིན་དུ་ཀུན་རྫོབ་ཏུ། །ཡོད་དེ་དོན་དམ་ཡོད་གཞན་ནོ།

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