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The Pure Field

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

‘Within a mind-stream that possesses negative emotions, the wisdom that perceives the true nature of phenomena cannot arise.’ ~Geshe Jinpa Sonam ~

The realization of emptiness naturally manifests out of a mind that is free from the veils of the two obscurations – otherwise, it is said that the realization will not manifest. It is only when these two: the obscurations of afflictive emotions and the cognitive obscurations (nyon drip and shes drip) are not present in the mind-stream that the condition is right for the realization of the true nature to be manifestly evident (and then recognized) is set forth. Cultivating the proper condition of the basis for that realization to come forth, simply stated, is purifying the obscurations- and this can be seen exactly the same as the perfect cultivation of a field for desired crops. When we talk about things like training in cultivating loving-kindness and compassion, these are the tools of method that we use to cultivate that ground, as they help us to eliminate the afflictive emotions. So we should see what it is that we need to do in order to have the condition for the wisdom that perceives emptiness to be present. It is important for us to know that this realization cannot manifest in a mind that has the afflictive emotions, and we can think of freeing the mind-stream of the 2 obscurations being like the perfect cultivation of a field from which any desired crop can be brought forth.

From the Spontaneous Teachings Geshe Jinpa Sonam Indiana Buddhist Center Translated into English by Dianne McKinnon 12/4/ 16

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