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  • Dianne McKinnon

The Ignorant and the Stable

The Ignorant strive in accomplishing their own well being­­­ ­– and until attaining that, they experience constant suffering. The stable strive constantly to accomplish the welfare of others­ – thereby they accomplish both purposes and reach the state of Nirvana.

~Maitraya~ The Ornament of the Mahayana Sutras thor

མདོ་སྡེའི་རྒྱན་ལས། །སྐྱེ་བོ་རྨོངས་པ་རང་གི་བདེ་དོན་བརྩོན། །རྟག་ཏུ་དེ་མ་ཐོབ་པར་སྡུག་བསྔལ་འགྱུར། །བརྟན་པ་རྟག་ཏུ་གཞན་དོན་བརྩོན་ལྡན་པས། །གཉིས་ཀའི་དོན་བྱས་མྱ་ངན་འདའ་བར་གྱུར།

translation by Dianne McKinnon for IBC Along with sending this quote, Geshe Jinpa Sonam offered some insight into understanding the two differing types of individuals that are mentioned here. He explained that there are those who are governed by ignorance and are blind to anything but seeking to fulfill their own aims. In doing so, they do not possess the happiness they seek, but rather find that they meet with constant difficulties and the arising of suffering experiences. Other individuals, who have seen into the truth of reality ­or have seen emptiness, gain the quality of unchanging stability. They are, filled with intelligent knowing and a courageous spirit and their only focus is the purpose of others. All of their efforts are for the benefit of sentient beings This is the conduct of a Bodhisattva.

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