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  • Dianne McKinnon

One foot in front of the other

All virtues without exception follow after diligence: the cause of the two accumulations ­­of wisdom and merit. Since it blazes with the light of diligence, this fourth ground is known as Radiant. ~ Chandrakirti~ Entering the Middle Way

Last week's teaching saw us through the verses of Shantideva's Way of the Bodhisattva that are dedicated to laying what Geshela explained as the foundation. A foundation that in and of itself, he taught, is very transformational for those who train in and practice it. We have now reached the main or principal focus in the text. Geshela pointed out in the opening of last week's teaching, that it will take diligence and perseverance as well as avoiding feeling discouraged or disheartened if we are to stay this journey until the end – complete awakening. Just like if one were to have the goal of going to California, one would need to not only wish to go, but would need to confidently set out and keep on the road: "one foot in front of the other" - never getting deterred or discouraged until reaching the destination. Diligent effort and perseverance are the very underlying factors that see to the success of making it there. In the same way, concerted perseverance, non-discouragement, and diligent effort are paramount, Geshela said, as one continues on traversing the path of practice –for they are what will see one through this journey to achieve the desired goal. Above is the quote he cited from the classic text by Chandrakirti in regard to diligence. It comes from the section related to the qualities of the 4th bodhisattva ground.

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