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When it is time to join a teaching,
click here to be transferred into the Zoom meeting

Teachings may be recorded and published online to benefit future students. You may be recorded if you comment or ask questions during the class.

When are the teachings?
Click here to see the the schedule
Not sure how to use Zoom? Here are some tips.


Many of our teachings will be available online using Zoom Meetings. Check the schedule to see which classes can be attended online.


If it is your first time using Zoom:

- If using a phone or tablet, install the Zoom app (called Zoom Cloud Meetings from Zoom or from the Apple Store (iphone) or Google Play (android).

- If using a PC or Mac, it is recommended to install the app first. It can be downloaded here: .


After the app is installed, join the meeting by clicking the button above.

When you join, you must choose the options to join with audio and video. Otherwise, you can't hear us and we can't hear you, and you can't see the teacher! You will have the ability to mute/un-mute your microphone and turn your camera on/off during the meeting as you prefer. In some classes, we may mute all attendees except during Q&A periods. It is helpful and supportive of the teacher to have your camera on during the class.

There are some helpful resources available. Here are instructions from Zoom: Guide to Educating Through Zoom.pdf . And a step by step video: .

If you would like assistance getting set up, please send an email to to request help, give your phone number and we can talk through getting your device ready.

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